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Monday, May 31, 2010

5-29-10Riding with Pros

Riding with Pros

This going to be short, I need to go riding. Anyway, I had one of the best rides with some pros on friday morning. These guys are really fast: David Wood, Rick Copley and Buck Jones. We did the all reds loop in record time, all four of us finishing within seconds of each other. Buck did out sprint me in the end when we popped out of Sink Hole. I think Rick and David could have passed me at any time, but they didn't. After a short break we went back out and they dropped me quick, but David held back and checked on me. I told them to go ahead thatI was done. The next day I got my bike out getting ready to ride and found out I had bent my back rim. It was rubbing my V-brake pretty bad. I was riding my backup bike, my hardtail Litespeed; I 'm not making any excuses, but it was rubbing, just saying. I like the hardtail, my Epic now has an all new drive train, and lower tire pressure, so I am ready to break the 27 minute mark on the all reds loop. Ok thats it for this post, oh except for the pics.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5-27-10 Wed. Night Series

O k it looks like the word is starting to get out and we will have some fast riders on wed. Its the 4th wed. of the month so the grill will be fired up. We have made a few changes to the times. Sign in is at 4:45 to ? and the kids rides can start at 5:00. The grill will also be fired up at 5:00 so everyone that wants to eat early can. The yellow ride will start at 6:10, the blue, 6:20 and the red 6:30.
See you there Donnie

Greeway Bicycles and Santos Trailhead.
3085 SE 80th Street
Ocala FL 34480
352-351-3475 shop
224-345-8426 My cell
Call anytime for more info.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Wednesday Night Series

This wednesday 5-19-10 will be a ride only event, we will have the cookouts the second and forth week of each month. Come ride with us at 6:30 riding in groups is really fun. See you there.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

5-14-10 Riding withRick Copley

Well today was interesting, I went to Santos to get a good training ride in the morning before work. As I was getting ready, someone came to me and asked if he could use a tool to tighten his handlebars. He told me it was a new bike and he was just getting it broke in. So I asked him what trails he rides, he said all of them. I said cool could I ride with you, he said sure. So I told him alittle about the Wed. Night Series and headed out to hit my red loop. O K you can tell what kind of a rider your riding with in just a few minutes. So I knew that this guy could ride by the time we hit the new part of Cow Bone. So when we turned to go up Majic Mountain I said give me alittle room. So as I'am going over the top he's right there, but his pedal slips and he didn't make it. So right when I got over the top I caught some gears and tried to get alittle time on him. He didn't waste any time and got back on his bike quick. So by the time we got threw rattle snake He was right with me, we get back on Cow Bone and head right into Ant Hill, I cleaned that section no problem, and my friend was right with me. So we turn right on Dr. Ruth briefly than straight into John Brown. We both get threw it good. When we finish John Brown, we hit the double track all the way to Canopy, I said good time for a gu and good drink. Then we turn right on Canopy at full speed, we then hit Pine Tree for a 100 yards. Next its left on Marshmallow we finish that and go into the final leg Sink Hole. We were both feeling good so we went at it hard. I was leading into the rock garden when I had a mistake and he pounced, got by and took off. I set out after him, just waitng for him to miss a shift or loose a pedal, but he was just to good I was really having to ride perfect to be in position to pounce when he make's a mistake. We were at the near the top in the switchbacks and it happened, his frontend washed out and I went by, I said there it is. Now it was a sprint to the finish, and I had the jump. When we got to the parking lot he was 20 feet back. I stopped checked the time and was amazed. I knew I never went that fast before, but almost 2 minutes better wow. So we said good ride and went on are way to cool out.
So after a really good cool out ride on some really fun blue trails, I went back to Trailhead, and there's my new friend. We introduce ourselves and start talking, his name is Rick Copley and he is a top triathlete. He is also a fitness coach check him out, he is going to try to make it out for our Wed. Night Series. Than I went home ate and rode my bike to work. I need to ride everyday, or I get lazy.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My birthday ride.

Today was my birthday, I turned 46. I feel like I 'am 26 and in the best shape of my life. So I rode the 10 miles to the shop today in 41 minutes at a average speed of 14.1 mph. By far the fastest I have ever rode it. I did make friends on the trail again, this time they were from two different worlds, but the one thing that binds all of us together. That one thing is the bicycle and the love of riding. The first gentleman was at Santos recycling cans trying to just make alittle extra money off other peoples garbage. I told him we recycle everything at the bike shop and would try to put any aluminum aside for him to come and pick up. His bike is tired and he needs a new one. He's been in the shop and plans on buying one when his money comes in. The second gentleman was riding a sweet steel frame Niner that he had built from the ground up. This was his get back on a bike project after not riding for 10 years. I told him about the Wednesday Night Series and he really wants to participate. He is know as Swede Racer, I really hope he comes out on Wed.

Wednesday Night Series 5-12-10

Last nights ride and cookout was excellent, we had a small turnout of riders. That didn't matter we got to ride with a legend in Ocala, a very honorable man. We also had brief appearance by a local pro, who has won the Fl. State Championship Series 4 times and dominated it last year. The ride started 5 minutes late, not bad at all. So 4 us leaded out to do some blue trails, there was Joey, my coworke, myself another guy and Mr. Collie Woodall Collie had already rode 10 miles so he was good and warmed up. He and I talked almost the whole ride, as we rode at a moderate pace. I now see why I like Ryan and Regan so much, they were raised by a good man. I think my favorite story was when him took the boys riding here ( at Santos ) at first it was, boys are you alright than over the years, it changed to dad are you alright. Mr. Woodall it was a pleasure to ride with you. My wife also rode with a former MTB state champion, my niece Jennifer Harries won the one day event in Kentucky in 1992. After 3 kids she is now ready to make a come back. Our guess cook Sid is hired food was excellent. Next Wed. we race.