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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wednesday Night Series 5-12-10

Last nights ride and cookout was excellent, we had a small turnout of riders. That didn't matter we got to ride with a legend in Ocala, a very honorable man. We also had brief appearance by a local pro, who has won the Fl. State Championship Series 4 times and dominated it last year. The ride started 5 minutes late, not bad at all. So 4 us leaded out to do some blue trails, there was Joey, my coworke, myself another guy and Mr. Collie Woodall Collie had already rode 10 miles so he was good and warmed up. He and I talked almost the whole ride, as we rode at a moderate pace. I now see why I like Ryan and Regan so much, they were raised by a good man. I think my favorite story was when him took the boys riding here ( at Santos ) at first it was, boys are you alright than over the years, it changed to dad are you alright. Mr. Woodall it was a pleasure to ride with you. My wife also rode with a former MTB state champion, my niece Jennifer Harries won the one day event in Kentucky in 1992. After 3 kids she is now ready to make a come back. Our guess cook Sid is hired food was excellent. Next Wed. we race.

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