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Monday, May 31, 2010

Riding with Pros

This going to be short, I need to go riding. Anyway, I had one of the best rides with some pros on friday morning. These guys are really fast: David Wood, Rick Copley and Buck Jones. We did the all reds loop in record time, all four of us finishing within seconds of each other. Buck did out sprint me in the end when we popped out of Sink Hole. I think Rick and David could have passed me at any time, but they didn't. After a short break we went back out and they dropped me quick, but David held back and checked on me. I told them to go ahead thatI was done. The next day I got my bike out getting ready to ride and found out I had bent my back rim. It was rubbing my V-brake pretty bad. I was riding my backup bike, my hardtail Litespeed; I 'm not making any excuses, but it was rubbing, just saying. I like the hardtail, my Epic now has an all new drive train, and lower tire pressure, so I am ready to break the 27 minute mark on the all reds loop. Ok thats it for this post, oh except for the pics.

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